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  Hello! I am Leonid Bondarenko.

   My old garden, where I started growing flowers long time ago, is situated near Vilnius town, Republic of Lithuania. Once the Garden was a place where I planted the main part of my collection. Now I use this name in the Internet name as a symbol and sign of respect for this point where everything began.

   The basic part of my collection was formed with wild plants collected in expedition in The Caucasus and mountain regions of Central Asia: Allium, Colchicum, Fritillaria, Iris. It has pre-determined priorities of my garden work for many years. Now I grow bulbous and tuberous plants got from many sources of different regions of the world.

   The principal rule of my work is the growing of bulbs in outdoors mainly, even they were native from places with natural conditions very distinguished from our ones. The moving of wild plants (or plants received from my foreign colleagues) to my garden is a first step only on a very long way of adaptation. I sell extremely rarely plants collected in wild. Always I try to grow one or more garden seed generations. Sometimes at time of flowering come 5-10 % of seedlings, but these plants tested and selected by the nature self grow much better in our climate condition. The best seedlings I use for clone creation and in the end, these clones form my collection and can be put on sail. So I could formulate shortly my conception: "I do not create a special condition for plants, but try to transform plants for our climate condition". If a plant has not a biological reserve for such transformation - I use a crossing trying to get hybrids with unique signs of the plant but grown and propagated well in our land. Sometimes hybrids have new not prognosticated merits.

   This year was not benevolent for my family. I and my wife and the main helper Iraida had COVID and although it looks as a middle hard grippe, but COVID evidently always has after effect. So this illness took a half of my vital energy and I came to conclusion that this year my selling is impossible. Even support of garden job I imaged as hard business. However, the crop of bulbs suddenly was so great, so I had to form my relatively modest list of offered plants. Hope you will be satisfied with quality of bulbs which is high too this year.

Welcome to Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden!

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