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Terms of delivery

Dear customer

    Terms of delivery

    Dear customer

    • I offer healthy bulbs of flowering size (in other case it will be shown in description of the plant).
    • I deliver bulbs to US countries and UK only. If you havbe a mediator in these countries, welcome.
    • Delivery by airmail in July-October.
    • Some plants I do not sell by single bulbs. Please, note that for some items show minimal quantity of bulbs.
    • You pay for packing & postage.
    • Postage for large orders is equal my post expenses.
    • I am agree with any way of paying except credit cards and electronic transfers.
    • You can pay in any national currency with a rate of the day of the paying.
    • All your bank charges please take on your account.

Užsakovams iš Lietuvos taikomas išankstinis apmokėjimas litais (katalogo kainas užsienio valiuta prašome konvertuoti į litus pagal tos dienos banko kursą).
Pinigus siųskite paštu žemiau nurodytu adresu.
Registruotas siuntinys bus Jums pristatytas paštu. Pašto išlaidas 10.00 Lt prašome įtraukti į bendrą sąskaita.


Leonid Bondarenko
Gelvonu 7-25
07140 Vilnius-10
Lietuva / Lithuania

AB SEB bankas, Vilniaus filialas
Address: Gedemino prosp.12, LT-01103 Vilnius
Bank code: 70440
VAT: T120212314
IBAN type account: LT237044060001441201

You write a cheque on my personal name: to Leonid Bondarenko


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